A Beauty Editor’s Routine For Reviving Worn Out Skin ASAP


What you put inside your body is just as important as the topical products you slather on, so I always start with nutrition. While I’ll switch up the fruit combinations in my smoothies, one thing remains constant: I have to put a scoop of collagen powder in my blend. 

It’s a habit I try to stick to daily, but it’s especially important when my main goal is to keep my skin looking fresh.* While hydrolyzed collagen doesn’t work instantly (the best results come from consistent use), it does help me get back on track with my routine. 

The collagen supplement I use, mindbodygreen’s beauty & gut collagen+, has a lengthy list of additional skin-loving ingredients like hyaluronic acid, vitamins C and E, and L-glutamine—all of which will bring full-body benefits as well.* Below, one of my favorite smoothie recipes: 

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