New Study Says Isometric Exercise Lowers Resting Blood Pressure


The higher your blood pressure, the greater your risk for other health concerns like heart disease, heart attack, and stroke2. High blood pressure can damage essential organs like your heart, brain, and kidneys—so yes, it’s an important part of overall health. 

Some chronic health conditions like Type 2 diabetes and obesity can cause blood pressure to rise, as can things like smoking, not exercising, and eating a diet rich in saturated or trans fats.

High blood pressure doesn’t always lead to noticeable symptoms. To ensure you’re in a healthy range, be sure to get regular blood pressure measurements from your health care provider or invest in an at-home testing device.

In the meantime, add some isometric exercises to your daily routine and keep your food intake focused on whole and natural foods with healthy fats. And remember: Any movement is better than no movement, for blood pressure and beyond. 

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