PSA To All Women: You Won’t Want To Sleep On This Key Nutrient As You Age


Aside from just animal protein, there are tons of nutrient-rich, plant-based protein sources out there that, when combined, add up to a solid amount of protein. From nuts and seeds to beans and whole grains, sprinkling in a variety of protein-rich plants throughout the day will get you one step closer to your daily protein goals. 

One way to really fill in the gap is to add in a protein powder—especially if you’re tight on time or don’t feel like eating a full meal. plnt’s Vanilla Organic Plant Protein is a personal favorite because it offers 25 grams of high-quality protein—including all nine essential amino acids—from pea, hemp, and goji berry sources. It’s also easy to digest, free of major food allergens, and made without synthetic colors, sweeteners, and flavors. Blended into a smoothie or simply mixed into cold water, it’s a quick and convenient way to up your protein tally for the day. 

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