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Empowering Girls in Sports: Dove and Nike Collaboration

A recent study by Nike and Dove reveals that 45% of teenage girls drop out of sports due to body confidence concerns, emphasizing the need for initiatives to address this issue. To combat the drop-out rate, Dove and Nike have collaborated to launch the “Body Confident Sport” coaching program. Here are the key components:

## **1. Background:**
– **Statistics:** 45% of teenage girls drop out of sports due to body confidence concerns, twice the rate of boys.
– **Impact:** Girls who participate in sports experience higher confidence, lower depression risk, and better academic performance.

## **2. Body Confident Sport Coaching Program:**
– **Development:** Developed with experts from the Centre for Appearance Research and the Tucker Center for Research on Girls & Women in Sport.
– **Goal:** To instill confidence in young female athletes and break barriers related to body image.

## **3. Free Online Platform:**
– **Content:** Digital courses in seven languages.
– **Target Audience:** Coaches, physical education teachers, trainers, athletic directors, referees, parents, and caring adults.
– **Focus:** Shifting the conversation from appearance to capabilities, creating a positive environment.

## **4. Scientifically Proven:**
– **Clinical Trials:** The program was proven to improve girls’ self-esteem and body confidence in trials with over 1,200 girls aged 11 to 17.

## **5. Coaching Impact:**
– **Research Findings:** 83% of girls in the US credit their coach for increased confidence.
– **Interest:** 61% of girls express interest in body confidence education from coaches.

## **6. Testimonials:**
– **Athlete Involvement:** Tennis star Venus Williams is part of the initiative.
– **Empowerment:** Williams emphasizes the goal of making sports a more inclusive and welcoming space for girls.

## **7. Implementation:**
– **Positive Language:** Coaches instructed to use strength-focused language, avoiding appearance-related comments.
– **Inclusivity:** Designed to be inclusive for athletes of all ages, genders, body types, and abilities.

## **8. Impactful Experience:**
– **Real-World Example:** Editors participated in a session at the Santa Monica Boys & Girls Club, highlighting the positive impact of the initiative.
– **Feedback:** Girls felt empowered and confident, appreciating the focus on capabilities rather than appearance.

## **9. Shared Goal:**
– **Collective Vision:** Nike and Dove aim to nurture girls’ self-belief, foster a positive environment, and shift the sports conversation from appearance to capability.
– **Inclusive Sports:** The ultimate goal is to make sports a more inclusive and empowering space for girls worldwide.

This collaborative effort between Dove and Nike signifies a commitment to empowering girls in sports, emphasizing the importance of body confidence and positive coaching approaches.

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