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Overcoming Low-Energy Moments in High-Intensity Workouts: Insights from Barry’s Global CEO


Even the Global CEO of Barry’s, Joey Gonzalez, faces low-energy moments, and he emphasizes the importance of balancing workout intensity with listening to your body’s needs. Here are key insights on how to push through low-energy moments and find the right balance:

## **1. Personal Rhythm:**
– **Knowing Your Body:** Understand your body’s rhythm and when you feel most energetic.
– **Optimal Workout Timing:** If possible, prioritize workouts during your peak energy times, such as in the morning.

## **2. Preparation:**
– **Strategic Planning:** Plan workouts based on your energy levels, aiming for times when you feel most energized.
– **Journaling:** Keep a journal of moments when you choose to move your body during challenging times, serving as a reminder of the positive impact.

## **3. Permission to Perform Differently:**
– **Flexible Approach:** Give yourself permission to perform differently each day based on your energy and mindset.
– **Celebrating Effort:** Acknowledge the effort of showing up and doing something positive for your body.

## **4. Celebrating Wins:**
– **Positive Mindset:** Celebrate the fact that you showed up and engaged in physical activity.
– **Acceptance:** Don’t be too hard on yourself; accept whatever level of performance is achievable on a particular day.

## **5. Common Modifications:**
– **Brisk Power Walks:** Instead of running, opt for brisk power walks for cardiovascular and overall health benefits.
– **Low-Impact Plyometrics:** Modify jumps in floor exercises to lower impact options, maintaining intensity without high impact.
– **Incline Plank Positions:** Perform moves involving a plank position at an incline for decreased challenge, making them more approachable.

## **6. Embracing Workout Benefits:**
– **Endorphin Impact:** Recognize that exercise-induced endorphins can positively impact your day, even if the workout intensity varies.
– **Acceptance and Progress:** Accept and celebrate the level of performance achieved, focusing on overall well-being.

Joey Gonzalez’s approach emphasizes self-awareness, strategic planning, and a positive mindset to navigate low-energy moments during high-intensity workouts. The goal is to create a sustainable and positive relationship with exercise, adapting to individual needs and capabilities.


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