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Paralympian Marathon Fueling Plan


### **Pre-Race Dinner: The Day Before**

**1. Carb-Rich Drinks:**
– Aim for 80 ounces of fluid, including 32 ounces from a sports drink like Gatorade.

**2. Dinner:**
– Carbs: Rice, potatoes, or pasta.
– Protein: Lean options like chicken or fish.
– Vegetables: Opt for cooked vegetables with moderate fiber.
– Fluids: Drink most fluids at dinner to avoid frequent bathroom visits at night.
– Emphasize hydration with electrolytes, such as sodium.

**3. Hydration Strategy:**
– Prioritize hydration to support optimal sleep.
– Ensure electrolyte intake to retain fluids.

### **Race Morning: Before the Start**

**1. Morning Routine:**
– Start with a big glass of water to rehydrate.
– Consume a larger breakfast with complex carbs and protein a few hours before the race.
– Possible options: Oatmeal and yogurt or peanut butter, along with a Clif bar and Gatorade.
– Bring a carbohydrate hydration mix for on-the-go.

**2. Coffee:**
– Include coffee in the morning routine.
– Option 1: Use an AeroPress with 16 grams of coffee beans.
– Option 2: Red eye (coffee with a shot of espresso) from a coffee shop.

### **On the Course**

**1. Hydration Pack:**
– Use a CamelBak filled with 60 grams of carbs from a hydration mix.
– Drink through a straw, especially on downhills when hands are not needed for pushing.

**2. Considerations for Para Athletes:**
– Recognize impaired GI functioning and adjust fueling accordingly.
– Adapt eating methods due to the use of gloves and the seated position in sports wheelchairs.

### **General Advice to Marathoners:**

1. **Consistency is Key:**
– Train with the exact nutrition plan intended for the race day.
– Practice with the specific brands and flavors to avoid GI issues.

2. **Breakfast and Meal Timing:**
– Practice the timing of early breakfast or multiple small meals, simulating race day.
– Ensure familiarity with the chosen breakfast options.

3. **Caution with New Elements:**
– Avoid trying new foods or drinks on race day.
– Stick to familiar coffee habits; don’t experiment with new caffeinated beverages.

4. **Individual Tolerance:**
– Understand personal tolerance for foods during running to enhance marathon performance.

Remember the golden rule: “Don’t try anything new on race day” to optimize your marathon fueling strategy.


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