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Unveiling the Top 4 Stretching Apps to Enhance Flexibility, Rated by a Certified Trainer

Title: Unveiling the Top 4 Stretching Apps to Enhance Flexibility, Rated by a Certified Trainer

Admitting a dislike for stretching, I, as a certified trainer, understand its crucial role in balancing intense workouts. Intrigued, I tested various stretching apps to uncover those capable of inspiring a consistent stretching routine. Here are the four that stood out and earned my recommendation:

**1. Best Overall: StretchIt**

As a competitive athlete, StretchIt emerged as my favorite due to its goal-oriented approach. Users set personal goals, and the app tailors specific workouts and challenges accordingly. The personalized routines, user-friendly interface, and progress tracking make it my top pick, despite the relatively higher cost.

– Price: $19.99 per month or $160 per year after a free trial
– Average customer review: 4.8 stars
– Pros: Personalized routines, user-friendly, progress tracking
– Cons: Relatively expensive

**2. Best for Beginners: Stretch & Flexibility at Home**

For beginners seeking fundamental stretching knowledge, the Stretch & Flexibility at Home app is ideal. It offers voice and video guidance for various stretches, with routines catering to specific needs. Despite slightly eerie computer-generated voiceovers, the app’s focused routines and reasonable pricing make it a solid choice.

– Price: $4.99 per month after a free trial (free version available)
– Average customer review: 4.8 stars
– Pros: Video and voice-guided stretches, focused routines, reasonable price
– Cons: Limited free version, computer-generated voiceovers

**3. Best Free Stretching App: Start Stretching**

For a cost-effective option, Start Stretching excels as the best free stretching app. While in-app purchases offer upgrades, the app provides substantial stretching content without any cost. Perfect for short routines, it’s ideal for those with limited time or interest in stretching, though it may lack advanced flexibility exercises.

– Price: Free with optional in-app purchases
– Average customer review: 4.9 stars
– Pros: Free, beginner-friendly stretches, short routines
– Cons: Limited library, no video or audio (only illustrations)

**4. Best for Stretching Enthusiasts: Pliability**

Formerly known as ROMWOD, Pliability targets athletes and CrossFit enthusiasts with its emphasis on both mobility and flexibility. The app’s comprehensive videos guide users through longer workouts focusing on specific body parts or flexibility goals. While not beginner-friendly and on the pricier side, it caters to those dedicated to enhancing their stretching prowess.

– Price: $13.99 per month
– Average customer review: 4.8 stars
– Pros: Combines mobility and flexibility, thorough videos
– Cons: Not beginner-friendly, long workouts, relatively expensive

**Verdict: StretchIt Reigns Supreme**

In my “basic” recommendation, StretchIt stands out for its user-friendly interface, flexibility in sorting workouts, and motivating challenges. The app aligns with the primary goal – making stretching enjoyable and effective. Give it a try and feel the positive impact on your flexibility journey. 🤸‍♂️📱 #StretchingApps #FlexibilityGoals

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