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Unleash Your Potential with Nike Trainers’ Movement Mantras for Every Workout

In the midst of a challenging workout, the familiar doubt of “I can’t do this” may creep in. Enter movement mantras – powerful affirmations designed to banish negativity and ignite motivation. Nike Well Collective trainers Clarissa Karunaratne and Briana Thompson share their go-to mantras tailored to various workout modalities.

**Yoga Mantras:**
– *Clarissa’s Mantra:* “Just be” – Focusing on breath and movement to find mental stillness amid life’s constant hustle.
– *Briana’s Mantra:* “Stay in my flow” – A reminder to remain present in her own yoga experience, especially during intimidating classes.

**Strength Training Mantras:**
– *Clarissa’s Mantra:* “How you do anything is how you do everything” – Empowering herself to embrace the choice of challenging and lifting heavier.
– *Briana’s Mantra:* “Embrace the journey” – Viewing each cycling class as a metaphor for life’s journey, allowing the mind to wander through personal aspirations.

**Cycling Mantra:**
– *Briana’s Mantra:* “Embrace the journey” – Recognizing the ride belongs to her, offering the freedom to chart her own course during the cycling class.

**Running Mantras:**
– *Clarissa’s Mantra:* “If I want something I’ve never had, I must do something I’ve never done” – Encouraging herself to overcome the challenge of running for the benefit of her future self.

**Lagree (Strength Training) Mantra:**
– *Briana’s Mantra:* “Time is mine” – Embracing the “time over tension” mentality of Lagree workouts, finding solace and control amid life’s rush.

Creating personalized movement mantras empowers individuals to push through doubts, stay present, and unlock their full potential in any workout. So, lace up those sneakers, repeat your mantra, and conquer your fitness journey! 💪🔥 #MovementMantras #NikeTrainers #WorkoutMotivation

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