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Ace Wellness: Billie Jean King’s Routine at 79

Billie Jean King, the tennis icon who made history with her achievements on and off the court, remains active and engaged at the age of 79. With a career marked by groundbreaking accomplishments, King continues to prioritize wellness. This guide explores her wellness routine, emphasizing preventive measures, movement, tennis, sleep, and advocacy for the next generation.

## Passion for Vaccination:

– **Preventive Focus:** King emphasizes the importance of preventive health measures. Her commitment to staying healthy includes being up-to-date on vaccines, especially amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

– **Consultation with Doctors:** While advocating for vaccinations, King encourages consulting with doctors for personalized health advice. She acknowledges the significance of vaccination for older individuals.

## Wellness Lesson from Mom:

– **Keep Moving:** King recalls her mother’s advice to keep moving, highlighting the vital role of staying active for overall well-being. Her mother, starting in her early 80s, engaged in activities like weightlifting and gym workouts.

– **Diverse Activities:** King’s mother, a skilled swimmer, diversified her physical activities. King emphasizes the importance of finding enjoyable activities, whether it’s tennis, dancing, or other forms of movement.

## Rediscovering Tennis:

– **Pandemic Rediscovery:** During the pandemic, King, prompted by her wife Ilana Kloss, rediscovered her love for tennis. Hitting a ball reignited her passion, leading to regular tennis sessions at least three times a week.

– **Emotional and Mental Benefits:** Playing tennis contributes to King’s emotional and mental well-being. Despite physical challenges, she finds joy and magic in feeling the ball against the strings, attributing it to her youthful spirit.

## Prioritizing Sleep:

– **Flexible Sleep Routine:** King challenges the conventional notion of a fixed sleep routine. While ensuring she gets at least eight hours of sleep, she opts for a schedule that aligns with her optimal thinking times, often staying up until 1 am and waking up at 9 am.

## Empowering the Next Generation:

– **Advocacy and Platform:** King’s commitment to wellness extends to advocacy. Recognizing the inequalities in her early tennis career, she aimed to create a platform for positive change through sports. She encourages the younger generation to understand the business side of sports and actively participate in decision-making processes.

– **Supporting Athlete Empowerment:** King believes in supporting athletes to ensure they have not only a seat at the table but also a voice and a vote. Empowering the next generation of advocates is crucial for continued progress.

Billie Jean King’s wellness routine reflects a holistic approach that integrates preventive health, movement, passion pursuits, and advocacy. Her commitment to staying active, enjoying sports like tennis, prioritizing sleep, and empowering the next generation exemplifies a well-rounded and purpose-driven approach to wellness at any age. 🎾🌟 #BillieJeanKing #WellnessIcon #TennisLegend

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