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Adapting Your Workout Routine for Perimenopause


Perimenopause is a significant phase in a woman’s life, marked by hormonal changes that can impact physical health and well-being. Adapting your workout routine during perimenopause is crucial to support your body through this transitional period. Here are key considerations:

### **1. Resetting Expectations:**
– **Stress Management:** Perimenopause often coincides with increased life demands. Stress management is crucial as high stress levels can affect hormones.
– **Exercise Mindset:** Avoid the “more is better” mindset. Instead of pushing harder, listen to your body and focus on what it needs for overall well-being.

### **2. Functional Strength Training:**
– **Importance of Strength Training:** Combat muscle loss by engaging in functional strength training with heavy weights.
– **Muscle Reactivation:** Reactivate dormant muscle fibers through challenging exercises that mimic everyday movements.
– **Exercise Variety:** Include exercises that involve pushing, pulling, lifting overhead, and working with both legs. Strive for challenging sets to build strength.

### **3. Cardiovascular Exercise:**
– **Goal-Oriented Cardio:** Focus on improving and maintaining stamina rather than solely relying on heart rate-based goals.
– **Efficient Cardio:** Choose cardiovascular exercises that enhance the efficiency of the entire system for lasting energy.
– **Avoid High-Intensity Stress:** Steer clear of high-intensity workouts that contribute to stress. HIIT and boot camp classes may elevate cortisol levels, leading to increased inflammation and hunger.

### **4. Mindfulness in Cardio:**
– **Mindful Approach:** Embrace a mindful approach to cardio exercises. Combine enjoyable activities, such as conversations or listening to podcasts, with stamina training.
– **Joyful Exercise:** Incorporate activities that bring joy and reduce stress. Stressful workouts can contribute to perimenopausal symptoms.

### **5. Individualized Approach:**
– **Personalized Cardio:** Choose cardio activities based on personal preferences and comfort. Mindfulness and joy should be integral to the exercise routine.
– **Avoid Stressful Workouts:** Steer clear of exercises that induce stress, whether due to time constraints, injury concerns, or discomfort.

### **6. Monitoring Hormonal Impact:**
– **Hormonal Considerations:** Recognize the impact of hormonal changes on exercise tolerance. Adjust the intensity and type of workouts based on individual hormonal fluctuations.
– **Prioritize Well-Being:** Use exercise as a tool to promote overall well-being and cellular health during perimenopause.

Adapting your workout routine during perimenopause requires a holistic approach that prioritizes stress management, strength training, and mindful cardio activities. By tailoring your exercise routine to the specific needs of perimenopause, you can support your body’s transition and promote long-term health.


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