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Enhance Your Sleep Quality with 10 Minutes of Yoga Nidra: A Week-Long Experiment

The term “yoga nidra,” translating to “yogic sleep,” may sound contradictory, but its practice offers relaxation and stress release without any physical postures. Yoga instructor Keriki Purkiss describes it as a session that helps you unwind by focusing on guided imagery and breath while in the lying-down position, akin to the traditional savasana.

**Benefits of Yoga Nidra:**

1. **Reduces Stress:** Entering an alpha brain wave state during yoga nidra leads to reduced cortisol levels, promoting a healing state.

2. **Enhances Cognitive Processing:** Research suggests improved cognitive functions with regular practice.

3. **Improves Sleep Quality:** Recognized as an effective treatment for chronic insomnia, yoga nidra aids in relaxation and stress hormone reduction, facilitating better sleep.

**Yoga Nidra vs. Meditation:**

While yoga nidra shares elements with meditation, it differs as participants traditionally lie down during the practice. It’s a form of guided meditation that aims to achieve a relaxed state or a state of consciousness between wakefulness and sleep.

**Personal Experience:**

The author embarked on a week-long experiment, attempting 10-minute yoga nidra sessions before bedtime. Despite initial challenges, such as restlessness and difficulty maintaining stillness, the sleep tracking results revealed positive changes.


1. **Improved Sleep Metrics:** Increased time in REM, core, and deep sleep, accompanied by reduced wakefulness.

2. **Consistent Benefits:** Even with minimal sleep duration, the quality of sleep showed improvement.

3. **Personal Commitment:** While acknowledging the challenge, the author plans to incorporate yoga nidra into the bedtime routine for enhanced sleep quality.


For individuals seeking better sleep quality and relaxation, yoga nidra is worth exploring. Despite personal challenges, the experiment demonstrated tangible benefits. Give it a try, adjust the duration as needed, and discover the potential positive impact on your sleep journey. 🌙💤 #YogaNidra #SleepQuality #WellnessJourney

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