Nick Walker Has Change into the New Phil Heath — Can He Deal with It?

by Matt Weik

For these of you who’ve been following the Nick Walker present, you’re in all probability getting fats from all of the popcorn you’ve been consuming. I’m not going to lie — watching this child is enjoyable. But, once you scroll by social media and varied web sites, you’ll discover a combined bag of feelings and commentary relating to his physique and character.

Keep in mind when everybody liked Phil Heath till he began successful a lot, after which everybody turned on him? Individuals criticized all the pieces about him. What he stated, how he seemed, and so forth. Now, it seems the highlight is on Nick Walker, and the critics are popping out of the woodwork once more (I’m positive Phil is laughing, watching all the pieces unfold). The query turns into, can Nick Walker deal with the stress, highlight, and criticism?

Let’s take a look at a few of the debates occurring. Whereas some could say I’ve hopped on the Nick Walker prepare, it’s exhausting to not like the child. However I need to take a deeper take a look at the debates occurring and chime in.

This Isn’t Bodybuilding, It’s a Shame?

I noticed a couple of posts by bodybuilders from the “Golden Period,” they usually had some extraordinarily harsh phrases to say about Nick Walker. I don’t like calling individuals out, however a “for example” can be Robby Robinson. If you happen to had been to test his social media, you’d see precisely what I’m referring to. Anyway, again on the precise matter.

Why is it that bodybuilders of right now have to mirror bodybuilders from the Golden Period? The game has advanced. Know-how has modified. The medication have modified. The coaching strategies have modified. Merely… all the pieces has modified. Say what you need about their “work ethic” in comparison with old style bodybuilders, the very fact nonetheless stays that the game, with every passing 12 months, evolves as long as the judging rewards it.

Are we complaining that motion pictures in shade with cool animation are horrible as a result of they’re now not in black and white or very primary when it comes to particular results? No. Old style bodybuilders have to get behind the game as an alternative of attempting to tear it down. We’ve sufficient individuals attempting to vilify our sport, we don’t want their assist too.

Is He Cocky or Assured?

Nick Walker has made some fairly huge predictions about how he’s going to position at exhibits. However know what? They’ve come true. He stated he was going to win the NY Professional, and he did. He stated he was going to win the Arnold Class, and he did. So, is that being cocky? It appears to me like he’s assured, and he can again it up. Is there something fallacious with that? I imply, if he had been saying these issues and putting final, that might be one factor. However the child is destroying lineups he’s in.

Is He Too Large or Merely the Subsequent Era?

This has been a debate for years now on the place the game is heading. Whereas Brandon Curry and Shawn Rhoden aren’t “small” by any stretch of the creativeness, it appeared that the judges had been shifting to a extra aesthetic look relatively than mass monsters. Then Large Ramy confirmed up and instructed everybody to carry his beer. Now, we’re seeing the come-up of Nick Walker. One other mass monster that may stand in any lineup and appear to be he belongs there.

I don’t see Nick Walker as being “too huge,” however relatively see it as the subsequent development and technology of bodybuilders. He’s a freak, there’s little question. However to say he’s too huge for the game and that it’s not the look they’re going for appears unreasonable when we now have Large Ramy coming off a win on the 2020 Mr. Olympia. I believe all of the haters are merely saying this as a result of they like the “old style” look that I hold referring to on this article.

Is His Midsection Too Blocky, or Are Opponents Simply Not in Form?

It is a damned in case you do, damned in case you don’t state of affairs. Does Nick Walker have a thicker waist? Yup. Does it take away from his look on stage? No. Look, we had a man who a few of chances are you’ll keep in mind — his title is Jay Cutler. No disrespect to Jay, however he didn’t have the tiniest waist. And in the direction of the tip of his profession, I’d contemplate his midsection to be “blocky.” Did it take away from his physique? Not within the slightest. Jay was a giant dude on stage. So is Nick. You might say the identical about Ronnie Coleman. The person is among the best bodybuilders of all time, however he didn’t have a tiny waist.

Nick has some blocky and really pronounced abs. Extra so than another competitor that we’ve actually seen him stand subsequent to. In truth, if we’re taking a look at and evaluating Nick Walker to the 2021 Arnold Traditional lineup, Nick appeared to be the one one who had dimension and conditioning. Each Steve and Iain appeared to be holding water and their abs had been nowhere close to as outlined as Nick’s. Due to this fact, I believe that is one other case the place individuals are being hyper-critical of his physique (in an analogous method to what many did with Phil Heath).

My Opinion of Nick Walker (For What It’s Price)

I’m a fan of Nick Walker. He’s a younger bodybuilder with a variety of years forward of him. Do I believe he can in the future win the Olympia? I believe so. However solely time will inform. The primary factor that worries me is what others have additionally shared, and that’s can he keep wholesome? I’m not speaking about injury-free. I’m speaking about is he pushing himself too exhausting, too early, and can it price in down the highway from a well being standpoint? I actually hope not, however a man his dimension at his age isn’t, nicely… regular.

I tip my hat to Nick Walker. He’s held himself nicely up to now within the highlight, and I want him nothing however the very best.

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