Is Lead Leg Blocking Sufficient?

Pitching Mechanics: Is Lead Leg Blocking Sufficient?

Written on January 16, 2022 at 12:04 pm, by Eric Cressey

Rather more consideration has been paid lately to the idea of the entrance hip pull-back/lead leg blocking in pitchers.

Nevertheless, what will get ignored is that there are quite a lot of athletes who do it effectively, however nonetheless wrestle to constantly impart ample pressure to the baseball and with the appropriate path. This may occur due to limitations additional up the chain that intrude with transferring pressure to permit for clear ball launch.

Foremost amongst these points are ample thoracic flexion and scapular upward rotation. These two attributes let you keep on the baseball longer. Think about a automotive that has an additional runway to speed up. As violent because it seems in still-frame images, Max Scherzer is likely one of the greatest illustrations within the sport for this – and it’s remarkably effectively “synced up: 

Discover how the gap between his uniform quantity and belt will increase early within the supply, then decreases simply previous to ball launch. It isn’t this excessive for many pitchers, nevertheless it speaks to the interplay between the anterior core, thoracic backbone, and scapular upward rotation. Is it any shock that almost all anterior core workout routines – rollouts, fallouts, flutters, inchworms, bear crawls, and stir-the-pot – are additionally nice serratus anterior drills?

You too can problem it in numerous methods with the chops side of your core stability program.

I additionally like this adjustment to a half-kneeling cable carry…which truly make it right into a chop, however no matter!

It additionally opens up an excellent dialogue on the function of infrasternal angle for one more day (though we did delve in on it a bit with this podcast with Invoice Hartman:

Have an excellent week!

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