Easy methods to Overcome Imposter Syndrome (to Get in Form)

A character from Among Us, who probably deals with imposter syndrome.

Possibly you’ve felt this manner: it’s solely a matter of time earlier than somebody bursts by the door shouting “pretend!” 

Then, they’ll have you ever hauled off to jail as a fraud…or ejected into area as an imposter:

A gif from Among Us, where the goal is to deal with imposters.

Effectively, feeling like a phony is an actual factor and we’ve discovered it to be pretty frequent amongst our teaching purchasers.

Fortunately, we’ve realized just a few methods for overcoming “imposter syndrome,” particularly on the way it pertains to health. Right this moment, we’ll share our suggestions and methods with you too.

Right here’s what we’ll cowl at present:

Let’s soar proper in!

What’s Imposter Syndrome?

Imposter syndrome exists when an individual doubts their abilities, skills, or accomplishments, regardless of exterior proof of their competence.

(You’d know that should you watched my candy video above.)

Those that endure from imposter syndrome really feel as if they don’t deserve all that they’ve achieved, and as an alternative incorrectly attribute their success to a mix of luck and deceit.

There may be additionally typically a persistent concern of being seen as a “fraud,” that somebody, someplace, will uncover them for what they really are. 

A gif of Mr Krabs yelling imposter at Spongebob.

That’s imposter syndrome.

For those who’ve ever felt such as you don’t deserve your job or accomplishments, you’re not alone. It’s been estimated that 70% of the final inhabitants (evenly break up between women and men) have felt the results of imposter syndrome sooner or later.[1] 

Dr. Valerie Younger, an knowledgeable on imposter syndrome, states:[2]

Impostor syndrome goes past a mere insecurity. Individuals who really feel like impostors maintain themselves to an unrealistic and unsustainable customary of competence. Falling wanting this customary then evokes disgrace.

Yeah, not good. 

A gif of the Up dog saying "I do not like the cone of shame."

How will we get like this?

Effectively, it differs relying on the individual, however there are some similarities to be discovered. 

Dr. Younger identifies 5 frequent traits of people that typically really feel like a phony, regardless of the proof on the contrary.

The 5 sorts of imposters are:

  • The Perfectionist
  • The Superwoman/Superman
  • The Pure Genius
  • The Soloist
  • The Knowledgeable

It’ll be vital for us to grasp every of those, so we are able to decide some instruments and methods for overcoming them.

So let’s deal with every of those 5 sorts of self-diagnosed “imposters” and the way it can relate to your health journey.

Easy methods to Overcome Imposter Syndrome Half 1: The Perfectionist

A pic of a man cutting grass, who might feel like an imposter if he doesn't.

What’s occurring with the Perfectionist?

The Perfectionist feels just like the work they do should be 100% excellent, 100% of the time.

They set insanely excessive targets for themselves, which regularly show unattainable.

Even when the Perfectionist HAS clearly succeeded at a process, they usually really feel that they need to have accomplished higher. Then self-doubt creeps in. 

There are some execs and cons right here:

  • On the one hand, it’s good to have excessive targets. This reveals quite a lot of inner motivation.
  • However, if the targets are so excessive that they mentally cripple you, then they’re not serving you nicely.

How’s this associated to health?

The Perfectionist will usually have an “all or nothing” strategy. If they’ll’t get an hour exercise in, then they’re not going to even hassle with it. 

Bart with a cake that says "You Tried"

This isn’t good, as a result of the “excellent” time to exercise not often occurs. 

What to do as an alternative?

Change your expectations round health.

Yeah, an hour exercise can be nice. However even only a five-minute exercise is best than “no exercise.”

As Theodore Roosevelt put it:

Do what you may, with what you will have, the place you might be.

With that in thoughts, right here’s a easy 5-minute routine you are able to do:

  • Minute #1: 20 seconds of push-ups, 10 seconds of relaxation, 20 seconds of push-ups, 10 seconds of relaxation.
  • Minute #2: 20 seconds of squats, 10 seconds of relaxation, 20 seconds of squats, 10 seconds of relaxation.
  • Minute #3: Plank for so long as you may, then relaxation till the tip of the minute.
  • Minute #4: 20 seconds of lunges, 10 seconds of relaxation, 20 seconds of lunges, 10 seconds of relaxation.
  • Minute #5: 20 seconds of push-ups, 10 seconds of relaxation, 20 seconds of push-ups, 10 seconds of relaxation. (except you will have entry to pull-up bar or alternative, then do pull-ups)

If that appears too straightforward, you too can look into doing a Tabata Workout, which may have you doing High-Intensity Interval Training in just some minutes.

The vital factor right here is to embrace “ok.”

Easy methods to Overcome Imposter Syndrome Half 2: The Superwoman/Superman

A picture of Superman, who is an imposter, depending on how you look at it.

What’s occurring with the Superwoman/Superman?

The Superwoman/Superman appears like they need to excel in each function they take.

  • Nice partner? Examine.
  • Mom/Father of the yr? You guess!
  • Wonderful colleague? Guess who’s clocking in time beyond regulation!

The Superwoman/Superman is hooked on this validation, thus they’re externally motivated.

Once more, we have now some execs and cons:

  • On the one hand, it’s nice they wish to contribute to the group.
  • However, if there’s nobody round to reward them, issues may not get accomplished.

How’s this associated to health?

The Superwoman/Superman usually wants an out of doors occasion to organize for, like a 5K. Or possibly they wish to get in form for a marriage or a reunion.

The guys from Scrubs eyeing someone

With out such an occasion, they won’t really feel validated sufficient to get to work.

What to do as an alternative?

Exterior motivation is a superb kickstart, however look to build internal motivation by doing one thing even when nobody else is aware of about it. Do the duty for its personal sake.

To construct inner motivation, ask your self: how do you are feeling earlier than, throughout, and after a exercise?

By continually reminding your self of the constructive emotions, you may assist construct inner motivation. This technique may also help wean you away from solely being pushed by exterior forces.

Easy methods to Overcome Imposter Syndrome Half 3: The Pure Genius

A mural of Einstein, who probably felt like a fraud from time to time.

What’s occurring with the Pure Genius?

The Pure Genius feels that all the things in life ought to come straightforward to them. They choose their competence based mostly on the convenience and velocity of their efforts. 

If it takes them a very long time to grasp a process, they simply assume they suck. Then they begin to really feel disgrace. 

Some execs and cons of the Pure Genius:

  • On the one hand, it’s superior to have quite a lot of success in numerous points of life. There’s nothing to really feel responsible about!
  • However, this sense of disgrace would possibly cease you from rising in new areas. 

How’s this associated to health?

If the Pure Genius isn’t immediately good at one thing, they push it apart:

  • I can’t bend like that, so I’m throwing away the yoga mat.
  • I by no means catch something, so I’m quitting Final Frisbee. 
  • Everybody is quicker than me, so I’m not exhibiting as much as the 5K.

What to do as an alternative?

Bear in mind, being unhealthy at one thing is step one to being okay at one thing.


Jake saying "Sucking at something is the first step towards being sorta good at something."

To assist right here, search for proof of one thing else in your life that was laborious – however you pushed by and completed it anyway. 

It could possibly be one thing massive, like graduating from faculty, or small, like constructing a birdhouse.

The vital factor to ask: How did you are feeling after that?

Additionally, perceive that the work is important. You’re by no means going to be good at EVERYTHING. As a substitute, benefit from the course of and the training curve forward!

Easy methods to Overcome Imposter Syndrome Half 4: The Soloist

A pic of a violinist, who'd feel like an imposter if she had teammates.

What’s occurring with the Soloist?

The Soloist believes they must do all the things themselves.

If anybody ever offers them any help, it’s a fail, as a result of now they’ll’t take any credit score for the success.

Even when the Soloist finds themselves in hassle, they gained’t attain out, preferring to wrestle alone.

You’ll usually hear the Soloist say issues like “I don’t want anybody’s assist.” 

Like all our “imposters,” there are some execs and cons right here:

  • On the one hand, it’s nice to wish to be self-sufficient
  • However, this will likely trigger pointless stress.

How’s this associated to health?

If the Soloist runs into any well being or health wrestle, they usually shut down communication across the matter. 

Mockingly, we see this infrequently in our 1-on-1 Online Coaching Program. A consumer might be doing nice, kicking-ass with their exercises and diet, they usually’ll talk every day with their coach. However the second they run into any snags, they disappear, virtually as if… 

A gif of a "ghost," which can happen sometimes in those with imposter syndrome.

What to do as an alternative?

Acknowledge while you really feel like going into “hermit mode” and proactively attain out to others!

Fact be instructed, the most effective time to do that is definitely earlier than you run into hassle.

Look, issues will come up:

  • Work will flip insane.
  • A tire will go flat. 
  • Your child will get sick. 

Among the best issues you are able to do when struggling (in health or wherever) is to succeed in out to somebody. 

  • One, they may have some recommendation.
  • Two, even simply an open ear will be useful when issues aren’t so good. 

That’s why we really encourage everybody who joins Nerd Fitness Prime to succeed in out to our non-public Fb or Discord group. Everybody in there’s on an analogous journey, so when issues go unhealthy, the neighborhood can relate.

Somebody there would possibly even know what to do.

Whether or not by the Nerd Fitness Rebellion, work, or another group, discovering an “accountabuddy” will be actually useful when attempting to get in form. 

Go searching and should you see anyone who’s additionally on an analogous path, say “Hey, let’s do that collectively!!!”

Easy methods to Overcome Imposter Syndrome Half 5: The Knowledgeable

A picture of the Matrix, where everyone suffers from imposter syndrome if you think about it.

What’s occurring with the Knowledgeable?

The Knowledgeable defines themselves by what or how a lot they know.

Believing they’ll look silly in the event that they don’t know one thing, they’ll search out extra data. And extra. The Knowledgeable endlessly researches a subject, at all times needing to soak up extra. 

Additionally, considerably sarcastically, the Knowledgeable doesn’t view themselves as an “knowledgeable,” as an alternative they select to remind themselves of their ignorance. 

Once more, there are strengths and weaknesses right here:

  • On the one hand, being curious is superior.
  • However, continually looking for extra data is usually a type of procrastination.

Or as Morpheus teaches Neo: 

Morpheus saying "there is a difference between knowing the path and walking the path."

How’s this associated to health?

We even have a time period for this round Nerd Health: Underpants Collector.

It’s from a South Park episode, the place the Underpants Gnomes steal folks’s underwear to achieve “revenue.”

The difficulty is, they don’t know what to really do with all of the underwear they’ve thieved. 

A gif of the Underpants Gnomes outlining their business plan for "profit"

This makes considerably extra sense should you watch the episode. Considerably. 

The morale of our South Park tangent: watch out of gathering a bunch of knowledge after which not doing something with it.

Attempting and failing and studying from earlier errors is extra invaluable than spending extra time researching, then not trying something.

What to do as an alternative?

Right here’s one other time period we throw round Nerd Health: Use 20 Seconds of Courage.

Insurgent One explains all of it on this video:


It’s robust, however should you can suck it up and pull the set off to behave, the momentum from that preliminary choice will propel you ahead.

Sure, it’s scary to behave and fewer scary to learn extra. However appearing is what is going to actually make you an knowledgeable.

Getting Rid of Imposter Syndrome (Subsequent Steps)

A very pretty scene.

Maybe you’ve seen your self in considered one of these “imposter” subgroups. 

It could possibly be in your health and non-fitness associated phrases and actions.

As we lined, every “imposter” comes with sure strengths. However there are additionally weaknesses.

If you end up feeling like a fraud, attempt one of many methods we lined at present:

  • Reevaluate your expectations round “excellent.” 
  • Seek for inner motivation across the work you must do.
  • Keep in mind that it’s okay to “suck” at issues from time to time.
  • For those who run into hassle, it’s okay to succeed in out for assist.
  • Ask your self if you really want to learn one other web article, or is it time to behave.

For those who need assistance appearing, I’ve three subsequent steps for you.

Subsequent Step #1) Our Online Coaching Program: if you end up struggling because the Soloist, possibly it’s time to ask for assist.

You possibly can schedule a free name with our group so we are able to get to know you and see if our teaching program is best for you. Simply click on on the picture beneath for extra particulars:

#2) For those who want a “set off” to behave, try Nerd Health Journey! Our enjoyable habit-building app helps you train extra steadily, eat more healthy, and stage up your life (actually).

Strive your free trial proper right here:

Subsequent Step Quantity #3) Be a part of the Revolt! We’d like good folks such as you in our neighborhood, the Nerd Health Revolt. It’s the most effective place to search out an accountabuddy.

Join within the field beneath to enlist and get our Insurgent Starter Package, which incorporates all of our “work out at house” guides, the Nerd Health Food plan Cheat Sheet, and rather more!

Alright, I wish to hear from you:

Do you sometimes see your self as an imposter or fraud?

Which one of many subgroups do you acknowledge in your self?

Any suggestions or methods for overcoming imposter syndrome?

Let me know within the feedback!


PS: Props to Dr. Valerie Younger for serving to folks overcome imposter syndrome. Younger is doing good issues on the planet. 


Photograph supply:  Clean Room, Andriy Popov © 123RF.com, Maxim Maksutov © 123RF.com, bennymarty © 123RF.com, sunset, Roosevelt quote

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