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“I’m pointing on the moon,” Buddha stated, “however they’re admiring my finger.”

Could I point out that I get hit by deja vu on a regular basis each time I discuss any essential religious difficulty on this platform. That you just care about me deeply is past doubt. And naturally, vice-versa too. However, consider me once I say this, the final submit was not even one % about me or what you’re feeling about me or for those who share with others that you simply and I are related at some degree. Quite the opposite, the dharma can advance provided that we don’t make it about gurus and so-called custodians of religions however about ideas. Dharma is way greater than I’m and it exists solely due to you, its practitioners. 

At first, I simply needed to submit a touch upon my earlier article and acknowledge the love you showered in your feedback. However, that may not do justice to on a regular basis you dedicated to studying the submit and commenting on it. I learn virtually each remark and felt it was crucial that I present up on this unscheduled, shock submit and share with you a bit extra on what retains me up at night time. 

Earlier than I try this, nevertheless, let me reiterate three key factors from the final writeup:

1. Privateness

You’ve got absolutely the proper to privateness. Definitely in relation to and your religious pursuit usually, you might be in full management of your privateness. It is because of this that irrespective of who could entry this platform, solely premium members can see or submit feedback. That is achieved to guard the sanctity of and to construct a protected neighborhood of like minded individuals. So not solely will we absolutely perceive your need to tweak your privateness settings, we promote it too.

2. Segregation of non-public {and professional} lives

The way you want to lead your life and what side of your private or skilled life you want to expose to the world is your prerogative. Nobody should ever decide you for that and also you don’t owe anybody any clarification on why you like it that means. It’s essential to have your causes. I don’t know concerning the outdoors world however I can assure you that at, there are not any expectations in any respect that in some way your participation on this platform have to be recognized to the world. 

3. What’s between you and I is each private and personal.

The very last thing I’d ever need is for anybody to really feel that in some way they need to share my writings or inform individuals about me or make some noise. Quite the opposite, those that know me carefully can let you know that I’m a very non-public particular person, an introvert, who spends most of his time away from all types of public interactions and limelight. I’m able to do my work and assist others higher that means.

The core concept of my earlier submit was to emphasize upon the truth that the Vedic lifestyle is dying a loss of life by a thousand cuts. Once I say that, I’m not in any respect holding some other neighborhood accountable. That is fully our personal doing. We alone are chargeable for arriving at this juncture. Whereas there are quite a few causes, crucial is that we’re not actually doing sufficient in preserving the Vedic tradition. Within the guise of being liberal, we’re not even exposing our youth and kids to the wonder and teachings of the Vedas. 

Do you assume world warming is actual? I imply from Al Gore to Thunberg, quite a few individuals and specialists have been warning us concerning the perils of local weather change, some for many years now. Now we have began working in the direction of it nevertheless it’s no means close to sufficient. By some accounts, within the final century alone we’ve got misplaced greater than 70% of the world’s forests. I keep in mind once I was a toddler, you can bore simply fifteen ft into the bottom and get recent water. In the present day, you must go as deep as 300 ft. In different phrases, what I’m saying is that once we chop a tree down, it doesn’t appear that large of a difficulty however if you have a look at the entire image, you begin to perceive the gravity of the state of affairs.

Equally, the disaster in preserving the Vedic teachings for future generations may be very actual.

Final yr, I took the inhabitants census knowledge supplied by the Authorities of India. Plus, I gathered knowledge from different authorities, educational and authoritative sources to investigate the expansion of world religions. I then cleaned up the information, made it uniform, dumped it in a spreadsheet and generated some fascinating pivots. Of all of the issues I obtained, I want to share with you two graphs to point out you what I imply.

Growth of major religions in india

Progress and decline of main religions in India.

Decline of hinduism in india

At this price, Hinduism will likely be a minority in India within the subsequent 200 years.

By 2500 will probably be fully worn out from the face of the Earth. 

“Will this pattern proceed?” I’m requested by many individuals. In my humble opinion not solely will this decline go on however it would worsen as a result of 99% of our kids don’t know even one verse of the Bhagavad Gita. Ask them something associated to Vedic scriptures and they’re principally clueless. That is our doing and never their fault. What’s worse is that typically the dad and mom are simply as clean. That is our fault. 200 or 400 years could appear distant at current however we’re on the threshold already.

As soon as once more, it’s essential to emphasise that I like all cultures, religions and communities. I’ve travelled sufficient all through the world and lived in every kind of cities and made exceptional buddies with individuals from all religions and walks of life to know that each tradition is gorgeous. The way in which to revive the Vedic glory shouldn’t be by negating or demonizing those that comply with a unique path however by introducing the extraordinary fantastic thing about the Vedas to the world.

And if somebody stated to me, “How are you going to be so positive that Sanatana Dharma will likely be worn out? What’s going to you say to a skeptic who feels that you’re overreacting?”

I’d give them the same reply to 1 that Bill Gates gave to David Rubeinstein: they need to not have taken sufficient science programs. Plus, I’d add, “They haven’t seen the information but.”

Our emotions and ideas may be biased, even skewed. We will deceive ourselves and others. However knowledge doesn’t lie. Whether or not we select to disclaim the details staring us within the face or we predict that these developments will reverse themselves is a unique matter. I depart it as much as you to attract these conclusions. However, what I’ll let you know is {that a} sew in time saves 9. If we shut our eyes and consider that this downside will disappear, we must always then be ready to get up with a convincing slap that can reverberate all through your complete planet and past.

Once we permit the erosion of tradition, once we flip a blind eye to preserving our heritage, we’re altering the very cloth of a nation. Have a look at what occurred to Tibet, Africa or Kashmir. Do you know that it took us 500 years and the lives of tens of 1000’s of residents to regain and restore only one temple to its considerably authentic state? See this 12-min video under. It’s in Hindi. 

YouTube video

I’m not affiliated with any political social gathering nor am I the mouthpiece of any group. I’ve no private agenda both. It’s simply that I can not unsee what’s in plain sight. Moreover, it’s not simply what I’m seeing however what I’m foreseeing that considerations me. I really feel compelled to do my two cents’ price in preserving and passing on the teachings of the Vedas.

Ignoring this decline is akin to a pigeon closing its eyes and hoping a cat received’t see it. The traditional religions of Greece, of Europe, the tribal religions of Africa, the native faiths of North and South America have all however disappeared. Of explicit notice is Zoroastrianism. This was the oldest faith of Arabia and as historians would let you know, it was Zoroastrianism that gave the world the idea of solar and hearth worship. The primary faith to doc the ideas of heaven and hell, and the primary one to maneuver in the direction of monotheism. Within the Vedic period, when Judaism was consolidating and discovering its roots, apart from Sanatana Dharma, Zoroastrianism was essentially the most prevalent and dominant main faith on the earth. The place is it now?

Possibly the long run generations will nonetheless be completely alright. In any case, you don’t normally miss issues you could have by no means been launched to. In the event that they received’t even know how of the Vedas, will they discover the world a much less significant place? Possibly, possibly not. What I do know is {that a} world the place just one ideology reigns supreme will hurl us again into the stone age as a result of it will be the equal of an absolute monarchy. It might be a non secular monarchy. And purely from a non secular standpoint, the world wants accountable democracy.

We’re strolling into oblivion. The longer term generations will query our inaction and incompetence someday. Chanakya (375 – 283 BCE) too had tried to warn King Dhanananda earlier than the Macedonian and different exterior imminent conquests. He learn the indicators, however he was thrown out for talking the reality (though that didn’t cease him from bringing concerning the revolution.) In your journey of reality as nicely, you’ll uncover that if you actually have an unadulterated piece of reality to share, there will likely be few takers. And, ultimately amount will snub high quality. 

As they are saying, “In a battle, it’s not who’s proper however who’s left.” 

And there will likely be nothing left to salvage if we proceed to disregard the warning indicators. At any time when doubtful, merely have a look at the 2 graphs. What I’ve given you is neither fascinating nor nice information, however I felt you needed to hear it. So, my expensive pal, you see, it was by no means about me or our affiliation. I worth it deeply, however I worth the trigger much more. I don’t want to be idolized, worshipped or provided a excessive seat. It’s not good for the dharma. Don’t bow down earlier than me or contact my ft, even in case you are my initiated disciple. As a substitute, stand up and vow to do one thing concerning the trigger. Use your power to not profess your love for me however to protect, observe and propagate the Vedas. It might imply essentially the most to me. In reality, it’s every thing to me. That’s the rationale I’m nonetheless right here.

There you could have it. I’ve used sight, foresight, perception and every thing else in me to offer you a glimpse into the long run. You select now. Fastidiously.

See you subsequent week.


P.S. Please be part of me in welcoming Pankaj Kumar to Pankaj in his humbleness received’t point out it however at the least I ought to that not solely is he the CEO of (he has been holding the workplace for over a yr now), he’s additionally an early investor on this platform. And the primary model of the Sadhana app wouldn’t be attainable had he not stepped in. The funding obtained from his stake is what fueled 80% of the app. Pankaj and his higher half, Nikunj have been those who got here up with concepts like Q&A boards, karma factors, assets, personalised studying, moderators and way more on Thanks, Pankaj. BTW, I like the slogan on the finish of your submit: aham brahm Intelligent! 

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